Birthday fun

Before I get into the birthday pic's, here is one I snapped of the backyard the other day. Our sandbox turtle is almost completely covered in snowdrift. It is doing a good job of blocking the snow from the little tykes garden set.

Since David will be working tomorrow, we decided to celebrate Trinity's 4'th birthday today. She had spent the night with her friend Katie, who just celebrated her 5'th birthday yesterday. She had a good time but was missing her mommy pretty badly. She cried when she finally saw me at church this morning. Next sleepover will have to be at our house. :) But it worked out nicely that I got to take Angelina shopping yesterday and get stuff for the party. We picked up balloons, a cake mix, and presents. We blew up the balloons and set out the presents so everything was waiting for her when we got back from church.

Trinity had quite the haul for her birthday:
Bead necklaces, (a set that is supposed to be party favors)
play dough,
a box of 24 colored pencils, (her favorite coloring tool these days)
a 2 pack of flashlights, (gotta have 2 or we'd have wwIII here!)
Disney Princess bubblebath,
Winnie the Pooh books, (thanks Grandma Mary!)
A baby doll that crawls, cries, says 'mama', and giggles, (thanks Grandma Barbara and Pop Pop!)
and a Mariposa Barbie Doll. (from her friend Katie)

I had promised Trinity that she could make the cake mix all by herself. She did really well with everything - especially the eggs. I had to help a little with the mixer, but she was pretty excited to be able to make her cupcake mix.
As you can see, Angelina had to crawl right up and keep an eye on what was going on.

I had to pour the cupcake myself. We tried to do it together, but it just didn't work so well. But, free from the pouring responsibility, hands were free for dipping into the batter. It made me think about how dad used to be grossed out by us kids eating cookie dough. :)

Now, do you want to take a guess at who had the bigger chocolate icing mustache?

Angelina wins!

Angelina was having a great time bouncing this balloon in the air and following it around the room. They have managed to pop all but two balloons today. That doesn't leave much for her actual birthday tomorrow, but I suppose that's okay. (somebody put some pants that fit on that girl! :p

And here is the Barbie Mariposa doll. Trinity really loves this doll.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Barbie movies, Mariposa is a fairy. That is why she has the wings on her. And did you notice the chocolate smear on the side of Trinity's face and the chocolate all over her sleeve? That would be why Angelina won the mustache contest - Trinity wiped hers off on her sleeve!!! (sigh, thank goodness for Oxyclean)

We had wanted to take the girls to go bald eagle spotting at the Mississippi river for Trinity's birthday, but with David working tomorrow, I think we are going to postpone it. We might go next Sunday when we can all go together. That gives me a week to research it and find out the best location. Hopefully we will have some good pictures from that outing to post. :)
Grace and peace be with you!