Cool Clouds

I love clouds.

This evening we had a severe thunderstorm heading our way. I was over chatting with the neighbors and swapping summer squash for green peppers. I kept watching the approaching storm darkening on the horizon as we talked, with all the colors - various shades of deep blue and that greenish hue that lets you know this isn't just your typical thunder boomer coming. Then there it was - a lower wall lining the front of the storm. It was sooooo cool looking. I wanted to get the camera and get some pictures. Well, by the time I had walked home with the kids and got my camera, it was almost on top of us.

This first shot is in our driveway looking west. By now we could see more turbulent clouds behind the smooth front line.

This next pic is turning and looking north. That is our neighbors house on the right where the kids and I were visiting as it approached. Not exactly that far away - the storm was definitely booking!

Another shot of the rapidly approaching clouds rushing toward our house. The front line is almost overhead....

This is looking southwest where the front line curves to the south.

It's here! I was enjoying the clouds so much, all the rolling, boiling movement, but once that wall went over us the wind started picking up, and up, and up....I decided I should get in the house.

Then I went out back to put the chickens up, something along the orders of "Auntie Em, Auntie Em! It's a twister! It's a twister!" I am insane about getting out in storms. I love the raw power of it. This is now looking east from the barn door.

Awesome! We actually didn't have long lasting wind or hail or tons of rain, so we lucked out this time. There have been really severe pockets with this storm but we were spared. So far. More storms to be blowing through tonight. We are letting the girls camp out in the living room tonight just in case we have a need to get in the basement in the middle of the night. I don't want to be trying to get a sleeping child out of a top bunk! There have been no tornado warnings with the storms, but those things can change, so better safe than sorry. :)
Grace and peace be with you!