Garden update and other stuff

A quick update as I am actually in the middle of cooking dinner!
Here is a really green frog Daddy found out by the barn the other day.

Did you know the tops of corn were so colorful? No wonder the corn fields look so beautiful in the morning sunrise.

I was looking back at other pictures of the garden and it is so amazing to see how big everything is getting. Here Angelina was showing me that there was another zucchini. We are almost to the point of having to pawn them off on the neighbor...but I think a Mexican squash casserole tomorrow night for dinner and maybe some zucchini bread should get us caught back up.

That's our carrot bed in the front with tomatoes bed behind....zucchini on the right end.

We are finally seeing the beginning of watermelon, cucumbers, and green beans. And our New Mexico green chile is looking good!

Spaghetti squash growing up the trellis netting. I am planning on lots more of these next year.


And a last look at Randy the rooster. Randy is now in our freezer awaiting his turn in the dinner pot. :)


  1. We usually end up drowning in the Zukes too. I try to give them away, but most of my friends grow plenty of their own.

    Do you can or freeze them? I like to grate and freeze some for zucchini bread, cut some up for stir-fry and this coming year I want to try making either pickles or relish. ;)

  2. We ended up scoring an upright freezer for our basement off of craigslist this summer, so I was able to put some by. I did some shredded and some just sliced and blanched. I was thinking some ratatouille in the middle of winter will be quite the treat. :)