Ahhh, The Good Ol' Summertime!

Here are some pictures of our afternoon - it was a beautiful day here and the girls took advantage of it to get in some swing time on the tire swing. Here is Angelina waiting for her turn on the swing.

Woo-hoo! Finally a turn!

Trinity chewing on a tall grass - so countrified already!

This is our sunflower house project. These are the mammoth sunflowers that form the walls of the house. When they get taller, about 5-6 feet tall, they will be twined together at the tops to form a roof. I have planted smaller sunflowers in between to fill in the walls as well as morning glory which will vine all over and help fill in the sunflower house. On one side there is a doorway to get into the house. We are looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Into the garden. I told the girls they could pick the squash for me.

This is Angelina's first time being allowed to pick a squash. She's pretty excited. :)

And here it is!

The girls with their harvest.

I tried to get the girls to hold up the leaves so I could get a picture of our biggest spaghetti squash, but it is still hard to see. Can you spot it? We have four pretty decent size squash growing and many other little ones starting. Our acorn squash is growing really well too with one really big one and multiple others growing.

The girls in the garden. They are in front of our tomato bed and you can see the corn in the background.

Grace and peace be with you!


  1. Miss seeing your girls at church :( They are so precious!!