More chick pics - and other stuff too!

The first of the lilies to bloom - really beautiful. (I would have had a pink one already but Angelina plucked it before it could open!)

Here are some of the ladies hanging out on the ladder into the run.

Trinity down by the barn feeding clover to the chickens.

Angelina joins her.
The ladies are now quite fond of seeing Trinity seeing as she is typically a source of clover! Inside the barn... on the right is the viewing/ventilation window I cut out of the coop. On the left the window looks into the run and the kids can throw the chickens treats through the larger openings. I stacked hay bales so the kids can climb up and see.

View from window looking into the run.
Chillin' in the pop hole. The screen on the right closes at night for added protection from predators.
The feeding zone.
I caught a couple of the ladies working on eggs this morning.

Since we got the hens on Sunday we have collected 21 eggs. I like the motto, "My pet makes me breakfast." Eventually we hope one of the hens will go broody and raise us some roasters too!