Fun on the Fourth

I had the sweetest conversation with Trinity this evening. We were out in the garden collecting lettuce. Trinity held the colander for me while I clipped the leaves. Here was the conversation:

Trinity: "Mom, is this heaven?"
Me, smiling and chuckling: "You know, someone else asked that same question once, in a movie. No, honey. This is Iowa."
Trinity: "No, I think this is heaven."
Me: "You're probably right."
:) How cute is that!?

Just some miscellaneous shots taken today.
Angelina out in the front yard.
We discovered we have a mulberry tree. David is inspecting the fruit and Trinity is eating down below.
A series of pictures of the girls and Maximus on the front porch. (btw...those nifty planters were scored off the free section of craigslist!)

Have I mentioned that "monkey see, monkey do" describes Angelina and how she has to do everything Trinity does? That includes making funny squishy faces. :)

We made a zip line for the kids, which also is a really fun swing. Here is Angelina swinging...
Trinity taking a turn.

BTW...the official egg count after our first full week with the chickens was 35. So, almost 3 dozen eggs in a week. Way to go ladies! ;)