Flood Pictures

I am going to post some kid pictures before I get on with the flood pics. This day was baby doll day. Trinity and Angelina were taking their dolls everywhere. I missed the shot, but they had gone down by the firepit and were sitting side by side with their babies in their arms...soooo cute!
Here Trinity was playing dress up and of course Angelina has to get in the picture when she sees the camera come out!
Dinner time smiles. :)
Last week we had not only Katie, but her brother Jacob over for playtime. (now that he is on summer vacation) Everyone had a blast, including mommy since it was a rainy day. They all played and entertained themselves nicely and made it a lot easier on me.
Thankfully, our home is up high. But, we do cross rivers to get home. We have had to go back roads in and out of the countryside lately. Our road is finally open (or at least, we can get past the road closed signs!) and water is receeding everywhere. Hopefully, the water will continue to go down. But here are some of the sights we have had lately:

This is getting ready to cross the Des Moines river on 2nd Ave. You can see the sandbag levee holding back the water.
I am not actually over the river yet, so you can see that the park along the riverside is completely flooded.

Crossing the river - you can see the treetops in the water.
This is the road in Carlisle that we would normally take to go to the waterpark.

This is one of the roads out of Carlisle.
This is the river that overflowed and flooded the road. This is normally just a glorified creek.

These are shots of the road side driving to our road.

This is our road. The flooding was just only going across it a little at this point. The road is eroded away badly on the left hand side now with the receding waters. It was scheduled to be paved this year anyway, so hopefully it will all get taken care of in one fell swoop. By the way, there is normally no water in sight here.

Again, no water around here normally.

This is a field along the roads home again, usually where hunters stalk in the fall.

More flooded fields.
This is water coming up out of a manhole near downtown. This road was closed.
Here are shots of the river that we cross to go home but this is the bridge on Rt 5, vs. our road. You normally would only barely be able to see the river from this vantage point. To my right was like a river flowing in from the fields and joining into the middle river.
This is back along the roads home. This is the bike trail along the south side of Carlisle.
This is the bridge that we cross on our road. It is hard to see through the brush, but the water is almost flush to the bridge arches.
Here is the bridge closed off.
This is from the bridge, looking out at the river. I will take a photo in the future of normal levels and post them side by side. That will make a more dramatic statement. For now I can only say that those are tree tops that are floating in the river.