Waiting Game

We are waiting to hear back from the investor company we contacted about our home. Their local representative came by on Tuesday. He did a thorough examination of the house, taking measurements, pictures - inside and out, and even testing the level of the floor in each room. He said he would get the report written up and submitted to the home office in Texas and we should hear back no later than Thursday with their offer. So here it is - Thursday. I am trying not to be anxious and to cast all my cares on Jesus, but there is so much riding on this offer, it is really hard.

Meanwhile, David has made arrangements for his brother to come over tomorrow and start doing some work on the kitchen. So we are prepared to begin the remodel on our own. I just can't help but hope against hope that we can just sell as is and not have to do all the work ourselves.

Well, Angelina is calling for another bottle so I best be getting it!