Scoby Adoption

Well, we heard back from the investor company and they were beyond insulting with their offer. It was only $18k more than we paid for the house before the big spike in home prices. So, we spent yesterday afternoon inventorying the cabinets we bought last year for our kitchen. After measuring the kitchen and looking over our inventory, we realized we had enough shorter cabinets that we won't have to tear out the soffit (sp?) after all. That will make the remodel a little easier. Hooray! We are going to stack two of the taller cabinets to create a pantry - a feature currently missing from our home. It should be a lovely kitchen when we are done. I should get a before shot while half of the kitchen is still intact.

The other news is that we discovered a Kombucha tea drink at Sprouts last week and have become fans of the stuff. I searched the Internet to see if we could get it cheaper online and discovered that you can make the stuff at home for next to nothing. (we were paying $2.50/bottle on sale!) The deal with Kombucha is that you put the scoby, ("Scoby" - symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) which looks a bit like a pancake, into the tea to brew for 5-7 days. The scoby feeds on the sugar in the tea and in return puts all sorts of good stuff in the tea for you - like probiotics, enzymes, tons of beneficial acids. You bottle the tea in glass containers and let it sit for a few days in the fridge before drinking. It creates a lovely natural carbonation that is a great substitute for sugary soft drinks, which we are trying to avoid in our household.

I found a website called the International Kombucha Exchange which lists people you can get the kombucha starter from. We are picking up our new little scoby tomorrow morning in Tempe. I have the tea brewing even as I type so it can cool overnight and be ready for our new addition to the family tomorrow. :) We started a detox last week, and the k-tea should be a great way to continue to detox our systems on a regular basis after we finish our detox kit.

That's the latest at the Case house. Oh, yeah. Angelina is teething and none of us are getting much sleep anymore. We would gladly take all prayers for good rest in our home!