Hunting and Gathering

Next week I have an appointment to meet with a WIC nutrition counselor so I can get our next round of checks.  I am working on finding articles and research online that I can take to support my position on how I eat and what I choose to feed my kids.  Now, I know life would be much simpler if I just sat there and regurgitated what I know they want to hear.  But I suck at lying.  So I am looking at this as a low level activist moment.  Instead of the "nutritionist" educating me on how to feed my family, I will be educating the nutritionist.

Today I started making some copies of articles from Dr. Mercola's website about milk.  That is obviously a big issue since the government standard is LOTS of milk for growing kids.  So I copied information about how bad pasteurization is on milk and why raw milk is the one that does a body good.  (currently illegal to buy in my state, though they are working on passing legislation to change that- hooray!)

I also am researching the links between big pharma, big agribusiness and federal positions that are supposed to be protecting us from those businesses.  I want to have a list of all the people that have transitioned from one to the other, thus showing how the reality is our best interests are not being served by the federal oversight.

The next information that I wanted was relating to the information from The China Study showing the irrefutable link between casein and cancer.  This got me thinking....I wonder what the Mercola website has to say about that.  I have been finding lots of great information there lately so thought I would check it out, hoping that it would validate the science.

I was shocked when the search did indeed turn up an article with the title:


But, then I read the article, and the flaw is not one that I think will make a big difference for most people.  Dr. Mercola's issue with the study is that it does not differentiate between raw and cooked animal proteins.  His position is that we need some animal products in our diet and that the harmful effects come only after cooking them. (that would be pasteurization of dairy)  He actually eats raw ostrich several times a week.  Anyone up for that?! (bleh! says I, but then I have had steak tartar, so I guess not much different)

I also find it interesting that lately in the raw food world, a couple of the big names have come out and spread the word that they are not 100% raw anymore.  Paul Nison came out that he occasionally has raw goats milk and even the green smoothie inventor herself, Victorio Boutenko, has added cooked food to her diet.

Back when I was 100% raw, I would eat raw cheese.  I would grate it on my salads, use it in raw sandwiches, and eat it with apple slices.  For most in the raw world, that is taboo.  Vegan is the only way.  But I was incredibly healthy even with my cheese.  

So what does all this have to do with each other??  I guess to me it is just validating the importance of a mostly raw and mostly vegan diet.  This would fit with both Dr. Campbell and Dr. Mercola's position on animal protein.

Back to the hunting and gathering.  I want to have a nice stack of information to present come next Monday. :)


  1. Technically according to the wording of the law in Iowa- it is not illegal to BUY real milk, only to sell it for purposes of human consumption. They buyer faces no risk, only the seller.

  2. How did your appointment go?

  3. Well, the next Monday it was snowing pretty hard and I had just ran off the road b/c of the snow the day before. I called to reschedule and they just verified my information over the phone and mailed me the checks. So I didn't have to meet with the nutritional counselor after all!

    But I may get another shot at it next month when I go back in. :)