Odds 'n Ends

Tea time

Trinity set up a "tea" in the living room.  It was cute to see her selection of food for this little get together:
raw trail mix
grape tomatoes (which Angelina obliterated and begged for more - she is a tomato freak!)

Not a bad spread.  Good healthy choices. (like there's much else to pick from these days in our house!)  Then daddy shows up after making a dumpster diving run with 3 bags of sweet and salty chex mix and they were happily munching on garbage food again.

Rite of Passage
So Trinity took advantage of me being on the phone with a long lost girlfriend to get into trouble.  She cut her hair.  Very sad, although probably much needed.  Her long hair was just getting beyond my ability and her patience to keep tangle free.

Now the girls are all tucked into bed and so are their babies, at the top of the stair.

It's off to bed for me too.  No more up til crazy hours on the internet for me!

Oh, yeah.  I dropped 3 pounds since starting the Hallelujah Acres 60 day challenge last Thursday.  Two of those were pounds I found over the holidays.  But the other one pound was very significant for me.  It dropped me down into a weight range I haven't seen since Arizona.  Hooray!  I have to say, I am totally loving the green smoothies.  My cravings for sweets and garbage food are gone and I am having no problems with avoiding foods that aren't good for me.  I only had one green smoothie today though.  I need to make a larger quantity tomorrow morning so I will have more for later in the day.  The girls drank up all my smoothie this morning, but I'm not complaining!  How else do you get raw collard greens in a 3 and 5 year old?!


  1. Yay for green smoothies! I'm making later today: kale, orange, frozen banana, hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, etc. Yum!!!

  2. Amy - my name is Scott; I work at Hallelujah Acres. Thank you for participating in our 60 Day event. Great to hear your progress, and that your kids are drinking smoothies! We'd love to get your comments on our Facebook page - see the link.

  3. Here's the Hallelujah Acres Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hallelujahacres

  4. Hi Scott! Thanks for the link to the Facebook page. Looks like some more great info available and support to be found there. :)