The Best Valentine You Could Ever Give

I heard the coolest idea today on the radio.  I was listening to Klove and they are starting The Love Dare today. If you aren't familiar with The Love Dare it was the central feature in the movie Fireproof.  The idea is that over the course of 40 days, you read one page a day.  Each day you are given one "tool" to implement in your marriage, to strengthen it.  The book is essentially daring you to truly show love to your spouse in a biblical way.

As of today it is 40 days until Valentine's day.  Each day they will be posting the next step in The Love Dare on their blog.  If you get on board today, you too can give your spouse the best Valentine gift ever - 40 days of unconditional love right up to the big day.

I'm in!  How about you??

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