More Weekend Fun

David was already over at the neighbors feeding the animals by the time I woke up Sunday morning. Here are pictures that he took:

A couple with the girls with the flowers growing in front of our house. All the flowers are blooming in the beds in front of the house and look so nice right now.

This is Ginger, the neighbor's horse.

We went for a walk around the hayfield and picked some more blackberries on the way home. This is a picture of the girls by the neighbors cow pasture.

Our neighbors processed a bunch of chickens yesterday and brought us a fresh chicken as a thank you for taking care of their dogs while they were gone. I was pretty excited as I have read that a fresh chicken is just so much better than what you get at the store. But we were disappointed - it really wasn't that good. So that has eliminated the desire to buy chicks to raise for meat. We'll stick to our frozen chicken breast from Costco!

We went to the fireworks in Indianola last night - another great show. Our weather has cooled off and the blanket we brought for the kids to sit on became the blanket to snuggle under when the sun went down. What a change from the fourth of July fireworks in Glendale where we wouldn't even come out of the air conditioned house until we heard the fireworks starting!

We went earlier than last year because several of our playgroup families were there so the girls had friends to dance and play with (live 50's band music) until the fireworks. At one point we had 8 or 9 giggling girls on our blanket. (our group is heavy on the girls!) A fun time.