Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow

A good morning from Randy Rooster. :)

Last year I planted a small patch of mixed flower seeds. It didn't go so well as it was hard to weed when you don't know what's a weed and what's a flower. So this year, this flower grew up in front of that bedding area and I didn't pull it as it definitely looked like a flower. Lo and behold, it has indeed bloomed. Anyone know what it is?? (seriously, I have no clue)

Here are some shots of Angelina walking on the boards holding down our weed suppressing bags. We finally got it all weed whacked down and with help from the girls, laid down all the bags from our corn purchases over the winter. They are great, heavy duty bags and originally I planned on covering them with free mulch like we got last year. But, unfortunately, they are not giving away free mulch this year....bummer! So I will be raking up our grass clippings to bury the bags. That will be softer than wood chips anyway, so no big deal. It is a lot of work raking an acre lawn, but heck, the free mulch was a lot of work to load up too!

Now, a few shots of the garden progress. You could really take pictures daily, it is growing so much now that we finally got some heat! All of my squash varieties have little baby veggies starting to grow and I found my first miniscule tomato while pinching suckers out today. Soon we should be feasting! (assuming I can keep ahead of the pests!)

So, have I mentioned lately how much I love square foot gardening? I sooooooooo love it.

Here is part of bed 1: The only thing not labeled is the square of thyme which is just below the basil, but the plants are so little, you can't see them in the photos.

Full shot of bed 1:

Half of bed 2:

The other half of bed 2:

Random shot of Angelina walking back to the house.

This section by the retaining wall was always full of weeds. Our neighbors gave us a bunch of daisies since they were thinning out an overgrown bed - the perfect solution! They filled in nicely and look much nicer than the weedy mess there before. :)

I was telling Trinity to say all sorts of silly things rather than cheese (ex: "say Rumplefuzzybutt") It worked - I got big smiles. :)

We have just been so busy lately - gardening, playgroup, catching lightning bugs, (i.e. Angelina -
"Mom hold my jar, I have to catch more night lights!") picking wild blackberries, walking the neighbors dogs, feeding cabbage worms and squash borers to the chickens, finding snakes and bird eggs and funky fuzzy caterpillers and deer beds. Life is abundant in the countryside and God is so good to allow us to enjoy his creation.

Today Angelina was so tired she fell asleep on the potty! (sorry, camera batteries were dead so only got a pic on my cell phone) But here is one where she fell asleep on the back porch table.


  1. Amy,

    You're garden is beautiful! I'm going to take the square garden approach in my community plot next year. I'll be building 3 raised beds there so that it won't drown, LOL!

    God Bless You and alway's so much fun seeing pictures of the girls!!