We Survived the Ice Storm

Hi all,

Sorry for not writing sooner. I spend most of my computer time working on my Kid Daze blog. I know that many of you were wondering how we were riding out the storms blasting their way across the midwest. We did get the ice storm, but did not lose our power. We have been really enjoying the cold, snowy winter weather. Enough rambling....lets get on with some pictures!

First, here's Angelina showing off her eyelashes.

Now for the ice pictures. I actually had a bunch more on my camera and somehow I lost them. I'm still trying to figure that one out.... I had taken pictures of the tree branches hanging down onto the road across from our house. Then when I went out to shovel the end of the driveway after the plow went by, I took a fantastic shot down the road that showed the entire right side of the road blocked by the hanging, icy trees. But, alas, those pictures are nowhere to be found.

These pictures were all taken a couple days later when the sun came out. It was absolutely stunning to drive around the countryside with the sun out.

Well, this Saturday, David's brother and nephew are arriving to spend a week with us. We are looking forward to having them here for Christmas. So much to do to get ready for Christmas. I've stockpiled some great crafts for the kids and am awaiting the arrival of a wonderful surprise for my hubby.