A Major Move

Well, we moved again this weekend. No, not from our house, but within our house. I decided that it just wasn't working having the girls room be upstairs. So I switched our rooms over the weekend. Now David and I have a nice "suite" upstairs, and the girls are in the orange bedroom downstairs. It is working out so much better. The upstairs was an add-on at some point, so the steps are not standard size. I have lost my balance more than once trying to carry Angelina down the stairs and have been worried about falling with her. No more worries. Now we don't have to carry the girls up to bed if they fall asleep downstairs, and no more carrying Angelina up and down. It is also nice being able to put the girls clothes away while they happily play in their room. I was finding that being upstairs with no way to keep Angelina from the stairwell, we just did not spend much time up there at all.

We put one of our recliners and the second tv in the first smaller area upstairs. This is now David's game room for his playstation. Our bed fits nicely in the larger room and I no longer have to squeeze around furniture to try and get into bed at night. It just feels nice at the end of the day to be able to go upstairs to our adult retreat area and hang out in a kid free zone.

And with the recliner moved upstairs, our downstairs living room is so much more open. This is going to be a great plus with the impending winter weather and the kids playing more inside. Tonight the girls were chasing each other around, giggling their heads off, playing tag.

Speaking of the girls, here are the two little cuties sharing the recliner.

Grace and peace be with you!