First Word for Angelina

Last night at dinner Angelina said her first word - "hot." David had just put some more food on her tray, straight from the pan. She picked it up, put it down and did the sign for hot. I said the word a few times while doing the sign too, and she said the word hot, twice, clear as a bell. (while still signing hot)

Also, I picked up a second toddler bed off of craigslist yesterday. We got the bed, a mattress, and a comforter sheet set for $35...not a bad deal at all. So Miss Angelina slept in the toddler bed last night. We gave the new one to Trinity, who is very excited about having a new bed. Miss Angelina is just excited to be in a bed. She has been climbing up in Trinity's all week and is very adept at getting in and out. But we did take the mattress out of the crib and slid it under the bed so if she were to roll out at night, she will go onto the mattress instead of the wood floor. I think Trinity fell out of bed once when we switched her over, so we are just being prepared. :)

Sigh, our babies are growing up.