Westfield Farm Revisited

Today was the day.  Finally.  After waiting a year!
The annual end of school year field trip with HUGS, one of our homeschooling groups.  The girls had such a great time last year, that this was a much anticipated day.  I could have asked them to eat breakfast while standing on their heads and they would have done it so we could go.
Without any further ado, here are the pics from today.

Kittens were the highlight of today.

These next pics are inside the barn where they have a hayloft jump into piles of shredded paper.  Apparently, this kicks up a lot of small particles into the air, which are completely undetectable until you take a picture with a flash.  Then it looks like it is snowing - crazy!

Time to get a pony ride before we head off for lunch.

Waiting for everyone to pile on the hayride.

I actually remembered to ask someone to get a pic of me with the girls - a rarity as I'm always the one snapping pics!

Smores for dessert.

Getting ready to head back...

Playing on haystack mountain.

That was a big drop for her, but she didn't bat an eyelash.  Just slid right off, then ran around and did it again!