Crazy photo shoot

The new look for the blog is dedicated to my girlie girls. :) Trinity thought it was beautiful! The new name is because lately when I talk with friends and they ask me "what's up with you," I have realized that indeed NOTHING is up with me. Just the same ol' same ol' happening out here in the country.
(editors note: I change my blog look a lot...kind of like I rearrange furniture a the girlie girl look is long gone!)

Well, nothing might not be quite accurate. The lilac bushes are budding. Our seedlings are growing in their peat pots waiting for warmer weather to come so they can be transplanted in the garden.

There are a couple of exciting things on the horizon. Grandma Barbara is going to come visit soon. She may be here for my birthday - no firm dates yet for the visit, just SOON. :) Also, I am going to be going to training for The Truth Project on Saturday April 25th. We have been going through this dvd series at our church and it turns out they are hosting a training in Des Moines. By going through the training, we will have a copy of the dvd's and be able to host small groups for viewing and discussion. I highly recommend checking out the link and looking for a small group in your area. You won't regret it...every lesson is so packed with information that it leaves my mind reeling with information, implications, and application.

I took these pictures back in March, and thought it was funny to see the progression. First, I can't get them's like Trinity is going, "yo, mom, down here!"

Now I get them centered, but Trinity is hiding behind her sippy cup.

Trinity is out from hiding, but now Angelina is trying to hide.

I finally get them all smiling/laughing. :)