Beggars Night

Okay, grandparents. Finally some pics of the grandchildren! Here is Trinity going to preschool in her Barbie Island Princess costume. The girls are very big into the Barbie movies these days.
Here they are after the first candy stop this evening. It was a beautiful evening tonight - in the 60's and the wind had died down so it made for very pleasant "begging."

After dropping Trinity off at preschool, Angelina got to wear her costume to storytime at the library. We also made a stop at the bank where everyone thought she was adorable. We ended up getting candy from a lady we saw at the bank this morning. She remembered Angelina - but then who can easily forget a pink pegasus?! :)

We were working on teaching Trinity a joke, but most of the time they opted to sing about Bingo the dog for their candy. One lady said Trinity had a beautiful voice and asked her to sing it for her again. Then she told us that when she got to school to be sure to have Mrs. Hill listen to her sing because she has a real good singing voice. This is the second time I have been told she's a good singer just this month. Maybe it's true...