Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

I finally figured out which program was running the popup blocker on my computer and can upload photos. Here goes......(for more info see previous post)

Early morning at the balloon festival.

Dad and Trinity heading to the balloons.

Me and Angelina at the landing site.

Did I forget to mention that Angelina has been walking for about 3 weeks now? This was in her "look at me, I can stand up and sit down by myself" phase. Just after we got home from NC she took her first step. This past week she has moved into full time walking and no more crawling. We expect she will be chasing Trinity in no time!
Trinity and Jiah taking in a flick.

My favorite picture of the summer - Uncle Larry and Angelina looking so happy to have met!

Dad and his girls.

Angelina swinging at the castle playground in Asheville, NC

Trinity swinging at the castle playground

Jiah's birthday celebration.

Trinity wishing she could have more cake.

cutie pie!

Angelina playing.

Angelina trying to get the baseball to come out of the movie and play with her. Trinity went through a phase of watching nothing but the movie "Everyone's Hero" which she called the baseball movie.

That's all folks!
Grace and peace be with you!


  1. Trinity looks like you did when you were her age.


  2. Jeff stole my opening line "Trinity
    looks like you did when you were little."
    Both of those girls are beauties!
    Aunt Cookie sent me these pictures
    and I am sure glad she did.
    You seems so happy and I am so glad for you.
    Take care,
    Bennie Haddox