Just a quick update. I just started my new job today. There is a car dealership at the south end of Carlisle - literally, the first business establishment you come to driving from our house into town. They advertised for a sales person and I thought I would check it out just because of the proximity to home. It turned out that they had been looking for an accountant. I had my choice - go home eat lunch and come back and start today, or start tomorrow morning. It's a lot of cleaning up work at this point and will offer me whatever overtime I want at time and a half. (yeah!) But eventually it should be a cakewalk job and my boss says it can be mother's hours - just working during the school day.

Our neighbor brought over an application from the Millhouse that he works for and talked to his boss about work for David. He said they do need someone and David will be following up on that lead. Our neighbor also said if David goes to work, I should talk to his wife about doing childcare for us. That would be too good to be true if that worked out.

Anyway, major stress relief here knowing we have a paycheck coming in again. Please keep us in prayer that we figure out this whole working/childcare thing.

Grace and peace to you!


  1. Oh my goodness, Amy. You need to update your blog. :) Hope everything is going well.