The pieces just keep falling in place...

It sure seems like God is orchestrating things for us with this move. We found out Saturday night from David's parents that his mom's salon is probably going to be shutting its doors to business this June. It was funny because Friday night David was talking to me about how he wondered if his mom might want to buy his business. Then Saturday we find out she's most likely going to be out of a job in June - what a coincidence.

David talked to his mom this morning about it and she is very much interested in taking over his business. They talked about having her start coming in on her days off in May so he can introduce her to the clients and start preparing for the transition. It's also a coincidence that monetarily this is a good time for them too - they are in the process of getting a home equity loan, so they would have the funds readily available to buy the business.

So far the only thing that has been a bummer is we found out that just this morning an offer was made on that beautiful boarding house we were already falling in love with. Just a little reminder to remain flexible as we go through this process. :) There are plenty of other charming homes in Newton and I am sure that we will find just the right one.

That's the latest and greatest.